Every leader’s effectiveness is seen through the imprint they make.


What impression will you leave on people and the world? 


Chris Vacher

Every leader is looking to grow, to move forward, to impact the world around us by unlocking the potential of those we serve. Unfortunately, the right path and the right tools are not always obvious.

Two decades of leadership experience, pursuing a Master’s degree in Leadership, and coaching certification with access to an incredible library of tools and resources means I have the opportunity and privilege to serve you as you explore your next steps.

Leaders aware of their own impact leave an imprint on the world.

So much leadership development content is either so abstract or so specific that it’s rare to find a personalized, made-to-fit solution that will help YOU grow in the areas where you need to develop.

I’ve been there. I still am! I know you can move forward and I believe I can help you.

I can’t promise it’s easy but I can make it simple for you: 

1. Get access to a guided leadership toolkit.

2. Secure a spot in a 90-day Imprint sprint.

3. Register for an Imprint coaching group.

According to where you are in your own personal leadership journey, the right next step will be different. But a great first step is to book a call with me and let’s talk about how you can move forward.

Guided Leadership Toolkit

Leadership growth starts with a greater awareness of who you are. What’s it like to be on the other side of you?

Start with this 5 Voices assessment and explore the huge library of free leadership development resources available to you.

90-Day Imprint Sprint

Link arms with other leaders who are passionate about making a difference and leaving an imprint. Get access to a guided leadership toolkit, an exclusive online community, a proven process to help you grow, and coaching along the way.

Imprint Sprint launches Dec 1, 2020

Imprint Coaching Group

The best leaders in the world lead themselves to
higher levels by calibrating support and challenge to
themselves and their teams. We call them 100X
Leaders. Leaders who are moving towards 100% health
and who have learned how to multiply what they know
to those they lead.

This intentional 12-month+ process is designed to help
you be the best leader you can be in each circle of
influence in your life.


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