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Helping you connect your dream of one day to an action plan for today.

Get Aware.

When you understand who you really are, you discover the power of your story, your voice, and your why in helping to shape your future.

Get Better.

Getting clear on how you want to live your life and what it is you really want allows you to turn dreams into a direction.

Get Results.

Creating opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others through your leadership empowers people to do so much more than they imagined!

Are you a leader worth following?

Most leaders want the platform, the audience, or the promotion.

What I've learned is when you develop intentional habits to know yourself and lead yourself, meaningful opportunities to lead others will come.

growth and development aren't automatic.

Traditional leadership development is slow, inconvenient, too general to address your specific needs, and often impossible to evaluate how you're getting better.

a new kind of leadership development:

  • Proven. Tools and resources used by some of the leading organizations and teams around the globe - the US Air Force, Google, Chick-fil-A and more.

  • Convenient. Become a better leader over a cup of coffee, on your lunch break, or during your commute.

  • Affordable. Low-cost, high-impact leadership development including a vast library of free resources.

  • Measurable. Leverages a data-driven platform designed to unlock the potential of your leadership and your organization.

What can i offer you?

A Clear Path Forward:
Know Yourself.
Lead Yourself.
Lead Others.

I'm leveraging what I've learned in 15+ years of senior leadership experience, a Master's degree in Leadership, and a coaching certification with a proven track record to get you clarity.

Office Hours

need to chat? let's find time.
the first one's on me. 

Leadership Weekly

CURATED RESOURCES to inspire you toward greater effectiveness.

Digital Courses

On-demand leadership development at your own pace.

Leadership Coaching

a customized 1:1 growth plan to overcome your current hurdles and lead at a whole new level.

leading is hard. don't go alone.

Like you, I've been in a season where I questioned my calling, I wondered whether I was making a difference, and I doubted what to do next.

Instead of following the latest expert or chasing after the next opportunity I began to evaluate and understand more of who I am: my story, my voice, my why.

When I got those clear, I became intentional like never before in leading myself: clarifying my values, living out my mission, maintaining a rhythm of life to stay healthy and engaged in what matters most.

And now I help others do the same. I'd love the opportunity to help you. Let's start with a free leadership assessment to begin the conversation.

my experience and accreditations:

3 Simple Steps to a Personalized and Customized
Leadership Development Action Plan

know yourself.

Begin with trusted, reliable, credible assessments to learn more about strengths, weakness, motivations, and fears - for you and for your team!

Lead yourself.

Access leadership development tools, courses, and coaching to develop a wider understanding of your personal mission, life purpose, and core values. Develop a plan to intentionally live toward your goals and dreams.

lead others.

Design a customized plan for your team using established leadership development tools and delivered via a revolution 21st-century digital platform. Generate data and analytics to identify growth opportunities and successes as your entire team gets better.

top 10 myths of leadership

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