A few years ago I wrote a series of posts focused on help you write worship songs for your church. As much as I love to lead worship and equip leaders, I love writing songs and being part of a church community that love to work together on songs for our church to sing.

Of course we sing songs from Hillsong or Bethel or Chris Tomlin or Elevation because those are opportunities to join in with the church around the world in a unified song of praise to God. But there are also some songs that our church needs to sing that nobody else can write for us.

God is doing things globally which can be sung through our collective songs but God is also doing things locally which need to be sung in unique ways by your own church.

To help you with this I’ve gathered all ten of these posts as a guide “from inspiration to completion” on how to write worship songs and it’s available now here as an immediate PDF download:

Worship leaders wear many hats and one of the things we get asked to do is write worship songs for our churches. This is a good thing – writing worship songs that come from our congregation’s own experience and speak to our congregation in its own language is a privilege for worship leaders and an opportunity they should definitely pursue.

To write worship songs for your own church is to help give them the language of praise.

This book covers ten important steps from inspiration to completion when it comes to writing songs, cowriting and how to develop as a songwriter to write better songs for your church to sing.

The ten chapters I cover in this book:

  1. 3 People To Talk With Before You Write Worship Songs
  2. The Most Important Conversation Before You Write Worship Songs
  3. 3 Ways The Bible Inspires You To Write Worship Songs
  4. 3 Reasons To Write Worship Songs With People Inside Your Church
  5. 3 Reasons To Write Worship Songs With People Outside Your Church
  6. Where Do You Start – Lyrics Or Melody?
  7. 5 Things To Remember About Lyrics When You Write Worship Songs
  8. 5 Things To Remember About Melody When You Write Worship Songs
  9. Share & Re-Write & Share – Great Songs Are Re-Written
  10. Resources To Copyright Your Worship Song


  1. This is great, writing songs is a new goal for myself and I have been looking for some good resources to help! Looking forward to these posts!

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