We’re at the start of the new year and by now you’re either thriving in the newness of it all or you’ve pretty much given up that anything will ever change. You may even have realized that you’re pretty much the same person in 2018 that you were in 2017.. and 2016.. and 2015..

We love the idea of newness and getting a fresh start. Worship leaders, you’ve bought that annual planner that you swear is going to change you’re life because this time.. I mean it.. you’re going to keep track of all those meetings, deadlines and action items, right?



If anything, you’ll have the best looking planner with the coolest looking pages and the most revolutionary features.

But will anything change?

You have the opportunity now to set a course for a new year. Not just another year, but for things to not be the status quo in 2018 as they have been in other years.

But it won’t happen by accident.

I want to help you.

After 20 years of leading worship and being in full time ministry since 2005, I’ve learned a few things about planning and succeeding in creative ministry. It’s possible but it’s not automatic.

One of the small but significant steps you can take is deciding now to place some markers on your calendar that will help you take some steps forward in the effectiveness and the fruitfulness of your ministry. You have a desire to grow the impact of the worship ministry in your church and in your community and you know that same old will not get it done.

So what you can you do?

If you are willing today to put 12 – only 12! – accomplishments on your calendar, I promise that 2018 will be your most effective year ever when it comes to your own leadership and fruitfulness.

I’ve put together this annual planning calendar that will help you put 12 accomplishments – one for each month – on your calendar today so that this year doesn’t have to look like every other year.

Every month you need to make a significant step forward either personally, with your team or with your worship ministry but the problem I hear all the time is that worship leaders are often uncertain as to where to begin. The task seems incredibly massive and we’re not able to break it down into achievable action steps.

This is where I can help you.

This is a free download. No tricks, no gimmicks, no upsell. Just click below and you’ll get a free PDF of this worship leader annual planning calendar with 12 significant ministry investments you can make this year.

Of course you’re going to make this your own. You’re going to move things around based on your own church culture and your own ministry priorities. You’re going to use this as a starting point to make sure that 2018 isn’t just another year where you coast along in your leadership and ministry effectiveness. You’re going to grow personally in your own walk with Jesus, you’re going to grow as a leader and you’re going to see the worship ministry in your church grow in ways you’ve never seen happen before.

Here’s to 2018!