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September 27, 2007 | Get free updates of new posts here

I think yesterday was a landmark day in my life as a leader. I have not always been sure of why God has called me to certain things but it was with great confidence that I went to spend the day with some worship pastors from around Ontario, knowing that God had called me to be a catalyst in connecting these guys on that day.

About a year ago two friends approached me with some questions concerning their roles as worship pastors and how certain things were working in their churches. Out of those discussions we wondered if there was some kind of support network in place for worship pastors. What we found was that there were training and developing events for worship leaders, worship team members and church staff worship pastors but we didn’t really find anything in place that encouraged neworking, support events where worship pastors could connect, develop relationships and share the experience of being on staff at a church with worship/arts as their main ministry focus.

So we decided to dig a little deeper. Was this something that was needed? Would other worship pastors see the value in something like this? The answer was overwhelmingly “YES!”

Yesterday was our first time together. We had 14 worship pastors from all over southern Ontario who came together to meet each other, learn from each other and spend time in worship. It was a great day and I am excited to see what is next for us.

The consensus is that we will facilitate regional gatherings between now and Christmas in 4 or 5 locations in southern/central Ontario and then plan to meet again collectively in January for another day together of encouragement, questions, answers, honesty and spending time in worship without having to watch the clock, worry about transitions, the drummer’s crazy time signature, the crying baby or any of those other things we worry about when we’re leading 🙂

Are you a part of something like this?

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