• 12:35 Chris – Recreate is officially over but a bunch of us are hanging out at the EMI building today talking about songwriting. A nice panel put together to help us think through some stuff.
  • 12:35 Chris – As with all of the other events this week I’ll be pulling in comments from other people in the room.
  • 12:35 bradandrews – audrey assad just led us in an anointed time of worship here at emi cmg. blessed. #recreate
  • 12:35 westerfield – Glad #recreate is at EMI. You guys make this one of the best work days of the year for us.
  • 12:37 Chris – 5 Elements of a Great Song – #1 Define Your Purpose
  • 12:38 Chris – ‘Songs that have universal appeal fall in to that trap. They have no specific purpose and no specific meaning.’
  • 12:40 Chris – Lots of worship songs are filled with phrases that have worked really well in other worship songs.
  • 12:40 Chris – ‘What is my purpose here? Is this how I would talk with someone I love? It this really how I talk or am I treating people like cattle?’
  • 12:43 Chris – Example of specific songs with specific purpose – Heart of Worship by Matt Redman, God of Justice by Tim Hughes.
  • 12:44 Chris – 5 Elements of a Great Song – #2 Eight Seconds
  • 12:44 Chris – ‘Whether it’s A&R or a congregation, you don’t have more than about eight seconds to get them engaged.’
  • 12:47 Chris – ‘Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.’
  • 12:49 Chris – 5 Elements of a Great Song – #3 Show and Tell
  • 12:49 Chris – ‘Communicate the image by telling them what it is.. but you also have to provide them with a picture, something they can see, something that they can put in context.’
  • 12:50 Chris – Don’t go overboard on the pictures – make sure part of the song also TELLS the meaning of the song.
  • 12:51 Chris – Examples of songs that show and tell – East to West by Casting Crowns, One by U2.
  • 12:53 Chris – 5 Elements of a Great Song – #4 Strong Lyric and Melodic Hook
  • 12:53 Chris – ‘If it’s not entertaining or captivating or interesting you’ve missed your point.’
  • 12:54 Chris – ‘We’re all free – create whatever you have to create. But if we want to be better communicators with our music we have to do things that are captivating and interesting.’
  • 12:55 Chris – ‘Lyrically, people just get lazy. Melodically, you’re just not daring enough.’
  • 12:57 Chris – Talking about songs with great hooks and listening to some too.
  • 12:58 Chris – Sound of Your Name by Above the Golden State, Crazy Beautiful by Chasen.
  • 12:58 bradandrews – 5 elements of great song: 1) define purpose, 2) 8 sec. 2 grab, 3) show + tell, 4) strong lyric/melodic hook, 4) critique + rewrite #recreate
  • 13:00 Chris – Weave hooks through different sections of the songs.
  • 13:01 Chris – 5 Elements of a Great Song – #5 Critique and Re-Write
  • 13:01 Chris – ‘When you co-write, critiquing happens in real-time.’
  • 13:02 Chris – ‘I think it’s important that you let the song happen. Give the song an opportunity to be birthed.’
  • 13:04 Chris – ‘Don’t do critique and re-writing right away. It’s a creative thing and you need to give it time before you can come back to it with a little more objectivity.’
  • 13:04 Chris – Listening to the first two versions and then the final take of Great Things by Matt Maher. This song killed us at recreate last year.
  • 13:05 Chris – Kind of nice to be talking about practical, helpful stuff rather than the heart-wrenching (and awesome!) stuff we’ve been dealing with the rest of the week 🙂
  • 13:07 Chris – ‘A melody is good if you can remember it after going for a drive and spending the day at work.’
  • 13:09 Chris – Awesome – great stuff here so far today. Looking forward to unpacking all my thoughts once I get home. Later peeps.

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  1. Thanks for taking such great notes during Re:create. I wish I could have been there, I’ve read a lot about it. I’m going to link to this article over on my site.

    Also, thanks for the pic on the list in Leadership Journal – hope it’s okay if I use it.

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