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Worship leaders, church tech volunteers and creatives are always looking for training opportunities and conferences where they can develop their skill, reach a new level of inspiration and connect with others who are passionate about the same kinds of things as they are. Those kinds of conferences are few and far between in Canada but I want to tell you about two conferences happening this year for church tech volunteers, worship leaders and creatives and encourage you to attend one or both of them!

Reconnect Tech Conference

Reconnect Tech Conference is happening April 26 & 27, 2013 at Forward Church in Cambridge. The focus of this conference is to give practical, relevant, hands-on training for volunteers in the areas of audio, video, lighting and tech leadership. I’m privileged to be part of the lead team putting this conference together and our heart in this has always been smaller churches. Some of the best and most effective teachers and trainers are coming to be part of Reconnect and we know you will leave this conference equipped to do your job even better than what you are already doing!

After an incredibly successful launch last year, we have agreed to bring back the Reconnect Tech Conference in 2013. Registration is only $59 and is open now at You can also follow Reconnect on twitter @reconnecttech and find more on Facebook.

Our lead team is working on details but we wanted to get this to you as soon as possible so that you could add the dates to your calendar and plan to be there with your entire tech team.

Some of the breakouts being offered as part of this conference include:

  • Basic setup and soundcheck
  • Stage design on a dime
  • Dreaming with a vision
  • Running a soundcheck
  • Knowing your mixer
  • How to tell a story through video
  • And lots more!

The main session speakers for the Reconnect are Greg Atkinson and Stephen Brewster. They come with loads of experience and expertise with years and years of results to back up what they are bringing.

Spread the word on this conference for tech volunteers and head over to the website to get registered today –

Create2013 Logo

The second conference I want to tell you about is the Create Conference which is happening June 3-5 at Central Community Church in St. Catharines, ON. Create is this beautiful mashup of creativity and technical know-how which will take your inspiration to a whole new level while at the same time giving you some really practical instruction in how to get there.

The team behind Create is some of the best people I know who are actually producing really great results. Their Sunday morning services are impactful and memorable, the media they are producing is really high quality and their commitment to excellence is inspiring. Carving out time for you & your team to attend Create would be a really great decision.

You can find all kinds of info on the Create Conference website at or on Twitter @createcanada but here is a list of just some of the incredible speakers they’ve got lined up for this year’s conference.

Check out this list:

  • Carlos Whittaker
  • Jeremy Cowart
  • Steve Osmond
  • Scott McLellan
  • Ben Cantelon
  • Justin Wise
  • Jared Hogan
  • And lots more!

All of these names may not be familiar to you but I promise they will deliver quality content and the conference is shaping up to be a great experience for you & your team.

Registration for Create is open now and you can find all of the details at

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