iOS 7 Apps for Creative Leaders

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Lots of buzz right now about iOS 7, flat design, mobile apps, sapphire fingerprint scanners and plastic phones. Today I want to do a quick post on iOS 7 apps for creative leaders! There is no doubt iPhone, iPad and Android devices have become a key tool in the creative leader arsenal. At the heart of this are apps which allow us to design, share and interact with the world. I’m an Apple/iOS user so I want to share some iOS 7 apps for creative leaders that I am using almost every day.

When I say creative leaders I’m thinking about anyone looking to produce content – might be music, photos, graphics, whatever. Part of that is the actual content creation and part of that is managing the process. So these iOS 7 apps for creative leaders are some which will help you in the creation part and also in the leading part.

iOS 7 Apps for Creative Leaders - Loopy


Loopy is one of those apps that will become so central to your workflow that you’ll wonder what you did without it! This is the easiest, most functional way to record great sounding songwriting demos on the fly. It’s super fun to use and also does the job really well. This has become a key part of my songwriting and allows me to capture a fuller idea of a song rather than only a melody idea or a lead line. Loopy is available for iPhone and iPad


iOS 7 Apps for Creative Leaders - WordSwag

WordSwag is this really fun, creative way to add great-looking text over any photo on your iPhone. I use it all the time before uploading photos to Instagram or Twitter or Facebook and use it for things like adding quotes to a photo, making a funny observation about what’s happening, including a lyric from a song we sing or maybe posting a Bible verse or quote from the message our pastor preached on Sunday.

Tons of awesome ways to use this app and the finished product looks awesome. Here are a few photos I’ve done using WordSwag:

WordSwag 1

WordSwag 3

WordSwag 2

Check out this video for more on WordSwag:

iOS 7 Apps for Creative Leaders - Asana

Asana is this incredible task/project management software which I am loving right now. It is team-based and very flexible. The beauty of Asana is that it lives in both a desktop and mobile environment and neither one feels like a compromise in any way. All of my tasks, projects and notifications are available whether I’m using Asana at my desk or through my phone.

We are setting out to use Asana on our communications team at my church to keep all of us in the loop with projects happening in various ministry areas to give us a quick snapshot of where we are with different events. The interface is simple and really beautiful, a really nice match of function and design. (Note: Did you read what Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and Square had to say about the integrated role of function and design?)

There are so many task/project management options out there and I believe you’ve got to find the right process for you and your team. Right now I am loving Asana!

iOS 7

So there you go. Those are just a few of the iOS 7 apps that I’m really using and think have lots of benefit for creative leaders.

What about you? Add to the conversation! Tell me about some of the apps you’re using to help you do your job.

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  • Reply Links I like | Blogging Theologically October 1, 2013 at 5:01 am

    […] iOS 7 Apps for Creative Leaders […]

  • Reply Jameson Reynolds October 1, 2013 at 10:19 am

    Love the post. I am always looking for great new apps to be more productive and make life and ministry better! I will have to check out loopy for sure.

    Typically when I am writing now I’ve switched from using voice memos to just actually demoing everything out in Logic. So I have basically cut out that phase. Getting it on the computer seems to make ideas get fleshed out better & quicker. Thanks for the share. Keep the app recommendations coming!

  • Reply Joe Mazza October 2, 2013 at 11:06 am

    Does anyone know of a Mac desktop app similar to WordSwag? I use all of the usual suspects on my iPhone – WordSwag, Over, Studio, but would love something similar on my Mac. Of course I can use Pixelmator but the presets of these iOS apps make things so easy.

  • Reply Ian October 3, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    What’s the difference between Loopy and LoopY HD? Would an average user have a similar experience with both versions?

    Thanks for sharing these great tools.

  • Reply Ian October 3, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    Simple googling revealed my answer. Sorry for the double-post, but here’s the link:

    Again, thanks.

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