Hiring Questions for Pastors

May 17, 2011 | Get free updates of new posts here

I mentioned yesterday that we are moving toward hiring an executive pastor at my church. Our search committee has been doing some great work going through a boatload of resumes and they have begun interviewing some of the candidates.

I remember my interview process here at the church as a very positive experience. It was clear that the search committee loved the congregation, that they were excited about the possibility of me coming to OBC and they were very honest about expectations that I should have.

So if you were going to be hiring a new pastor for your staff team, what questions would you want to ask him? What would you want to know about his motivations, his dreams, his passions?

If you are a pastor or someone looking for a position, what questions would you want a search committee to ask you? What questions would give you a fair shot of giving that committee a real chance to get to know you beyond your cover letter and previous experience?

Let’s hear it!

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  • Reply Kim Bruce May 17, 2011 at 10:05 am

    Hey Chris! I don’t know exact questions, but I’ll just tell you what I think is important to “feel out” when interviewing a Pastor.
    It has become evident recently at our church that we have made some hiring decisions based more on talent than on character. Talent and skill are important, but character is vital. If you have to “give” on anything, DON’T “GIVE” ON CHARACTER!
    I also think it’s important to hire someone who, although confident in his/her God-given strengths, is also incredibly teachable. Not only should he/she be teachable, but he/she should have a hunger to learn and grow. I think that “learning” should be a daily task for a leader…especially since everyone expects a pastor to “teach” them things all the time (even a non-preaching pastor seems to have this expectation on him/herself). This could be through reading, researching, being mentored, or simply asking questions of others who have a different viewpoint. So, I might want to ask any leader candidate “What learning activities do you have scheduled into your life? What learning habits do you have?”

    Okay…’nuff from me!!! Hope you and your beautiful bride and kids are doing GREAT!!

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  • Reply mandythompson May 23, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    I’d ask what do they do to avoid burnout in their life… Because, if you want to keep ’em around, you gotta make sure they have the energy for the long-haul.

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