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Another month has flown by which means another Final Friday guest post and I’m excited about this one. Although, to be fair, I’ve been excited about each one in this series! I’ve known Rich Kirkpatrick for several years and love how he thinks. I’m really honoured to share his article here on my site and hope you enjoy it.

You can read Rich’s blog at and follow him on twitter @rkweblog. You can also read other Final Friday guest posts from Phil CookeDaniel Bashta and Stephen Brewster.

Rich Kirkpatrick familRich Kirkpatrick is called a Writer/Musician/Strategist. The third item is the catch-all for his work in consulting, teaching, and new media development.

Family man, writer, blogger, musician, worship leader, pastor who loves espresso, social media & life-changing conversation. Rich writes on (Rich Kirkpatrick’s Blog) and hosts and produces a podcast titled Worship Mythbusters.


Five indicators that your setlist will SING!

by Rich Kirkpatrick


Dear worship leader, you make these setlists every single week, for 52 weekends a year. Those weekends arrive timely, like a train on schedule. When the setlist is off its mark the train seems to derail. Keeping a setlist on its tracks is what keeps you awake at night. Or, it surely is something you know is important.


Yes, I understand that there are many factors in making a worship service engage your congregation. We want people to sing! Why is this important? In measuring an activity, its all we really can see in a moment’s glance. Over time, the more your church sings the more they trust you as the worship leader and the more you have a platform for deeper leadership. Then, you can take them on a journey of the heart.


Here are the top 5 indicators:


  1. Your band is bored of the songs. This means you repeat songs enough to actually get complaints from the worship team. Musically stimulating the band is not the same as people singing in worship.

  2. Your pastor is concerned some are left out. You walk a fine line of keeping people engaged, and not pleasing all in the church. A fact of leadership is that some will always think you are not doing things correctly. Your pastor is bound to get his ear bent.

  3. You have a hard time making a setlist. Why? Because you have fewer songs in the mix. You teach new material, not to be cool, but to keep the core songs on your list. You agonize over how that same song can be fresh by what you do around it, not by what you do instead of it.

  4. You are tired from conversation. You meet and talk with various people in your church. These are new members, old members, and people who might never consider going to your church. You know your city. This is exhausting, but the study puts their faces in your mind each week as you plan. You plan for them.

  5. You doubt yourself. With all the formulas, you know you can never duplicate the Hillsong stadium worship experience in your church. And, you know you shouldn’t. Why be something you are not? Your city and people are unique. So, your setlist will have music no one else does. This makes you doubt yourself, but the people get it. It’s their story.


What other indicators of a setlist that SINGS can you come up with? Do these ring true for you?


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