Final Friday Guest Post: Daniel Bashta

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I told you that I had some big goals and new ideas for the blog in 2013 and today is the first instalment of one of those. I’ve invited 12 guest posters to come and be a part of a Final Friday Guest Post series here and I’m happy to have the first one go live today.

Final Friday Guest Post

The first Final Friday Guest Post comes from Daniel Bashta, a songwriter/artist/missionary whose new album “The Invisible” arrives February 5 from Integrity Music. If you have had the opportunity to see and hear Daniel live, you know that passion is a word which easily describes who he is, what he does and what he is hoping to see in others.

Daniel Bashta - The Invisible

You can find out more about Daniel Bashta and his new album “The Invisible” at Hear the songs, download chord charts handwritten by Daniel see “behind the song” videos and read through some devotionals Daniel has written on some of the topics he covers in the songs.

Thanks Daniel for writing this month’s Final Friday Guest Post! I hope you guys enjoy this.

Daniel Bashta

Awaken Dreamers, And Let Hope In
Daniel Bashta

There is a growing population of what I call “the exiles”… artists who are full of hurt because somewhere in their journey, the dreamer inside was killed.  I know because it happened to me. A person in leadership once told me that I was not “called” to be a worship leader and that I needed to stick to being a number in the system. I have a real problem with that because I believe God is in the business of creating, NOT duplicating.

But sometimes in an over zealous attempt to build our trendy empires, we can bulldoze over the not-so-put-together, the very raw, quite passionate artists because they are uncontrollable and radical. 

A leader can either embrace the artist-dreamer and try to be a father to help steer his or her wild nature… Or, they can manipulate and handcuff the dreamer because it is too outside the lines of the empire. 

Not long ago, my wife and I were speeding through our story. Our belief in God was stronger then ever, but our belief in the system was completely destroyed. I actually started working on a song, and wrote the line “my faith is dead, I need a resurrection somehow.”  

Along the way, I met a “father” who is now my pastor and a community of people who are now our church family. It’s as if God saw what was happening in our lives and created a custom package just for us. Now almost 2 years into it, an awakening has taken place in our hearts. I have learned that when unexplainable miracles take place, life oozes out into every dry place and that new life begins to form and things begin to happen!  

If you are a hurting artist, or if you are surrounded by radical dreamers, here are few practical nuggets I picked up over my time of healing. Maybe they can help.


LEADERS – If you are leader, be a father.  Fathers are a dying breed in our generation. Everyone likes the spotlight; very few pioneers will be around to help clean up the filth. Stop manipulating and trying to control the coloring outside of the lines… maybe the beauty starts when we get outside of our borders.  Be so committed to your artists that they know how much you love and support them. Your goal should not be to contain, it should be to compel.


DREAMERS –  If you are a dreamer, what is your mission? Along my journey, I figured out that my mission has not changed, but my identity has become clearer. If you are a creative type, you must have a mission and you must know without any doubt what you are called to do.  Your mission should boil in your soul to the extent that if dream killers attack, you are secure in what God has created you for. Stop trying to replicate, and begin to pioneer. God does not need another Chris Tomlin, He already has an incredibly talented one. God needs you and what He has breathed inside your veins.


Find a father that you can submit your life to. Be willing to accept the wisdom spoken in this covering. Do not try to be so different that it borders on being rebellious. I’ve heard it said that the most radical people are not known by what they look like, but what they do.  Having a father in your life will bring such healing and strength, knowing that you have someone applauding you no matter what stage of life you are going through. This has to be a two-way relationship in order for it to succeed. Communication is key and love is mandatory.

Be healed and DREAM! The local church should be the hope of the world. It should be a place of spectacular healing, restoration, and creating. We should be so stunning in our display of who we worship, that all eyes become fixated on this uncontrollable, invisible force.


We need the dreamers of this generation to stand up and be counted. Very few wounded soldiers ever get back into the battle because of how jaded and weary they have become in the process. My prayer is that we will see an awakening happen in the exiled outcasts of our churches so that we will see revival erupt.


Awake dreamers, and let hope in!


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  • Reply clscholes January 25, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    Thanks for reminding us to dream, to remember our creativity means something.  I need that this morning.

  • Reply davidlindner January 25, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    This is a great line for leaders: “Stop manipulating and trying to control the coloring outside of the lines… maybe the beauty starts when we get outside of our borders.”

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