Facebook and the Power of Suggestion

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You probably have a Facebook account (mine is here), your church probably has a Facebook page (ours is here) but I noticed something pretty incredible on Facebook yesterday that I hadn’t seen before. Facebook is taking recognition and recommendation to a whole new level!

You know how it works: You post a link on your Facebook page, your friends click the link or like the link, they might share the link with their friends. Great.

But what if the link is related to someone else’s content or page? What if Facebook could recognize the content of the link and recommend a page where you can get connected to more of that person’s content.

People of the internet, welcome to the future!

Facebook recommend

Now I know I’m not the smartest guy around but I’m pretty sure this is a new thing for Facebook. If not, I still think it’s incredible!

Think about this: My friend Shannon posted this link from YouTube, not from Chris Tomlin’s page or his website. Facebook was able to recognize the link, that it was content from a Chris Tomlin song and then recommended that I like Chris Tomlin’s page on Facebook.

Does this not seem crazy to you? Am I alone in thinking that this is actually pretty incredible? I hope not.. because I actually think it’s pretty incredible!

So why does this matter? Let me give you three big things I noticed about this:

  1. There are actually more links to Chris Tomlin’s Facebook presence than to the actual link on YouTube. Clicking play on the video itself would play the video within that window on my Facebook news feed. Clicking the title of the song would take me to YouTube and play the video there. Clicking Chris Tomlin’s name would take me to his Facebook page and clicking the Like Page button would keep me in Facebook and give me another opportunity to click through to his Facebook page. Final score? Facebook: 3, YouTube: 1. That’s pretty good considering the link actually originated from YouTube.com!
  2.  Facebook is essentially driving more traffic back to itself rather than having users click through to outside sites. Think about your church – what if someone posted a sermon audio link or event promo on their Facebook page. When it shows up in their friends’ news feed there could be a link below that with a direct link to your church’s Facebook page as well as the call to action Like Page button. Essentially a friend-generated sponsored story promoting clicks and likes for your page.
  3. Facebook never stops changing. You may or may not think this is an improvement. You may not think it’s even that big of a deal. The point is that Facebook never stops developing, never sits still and is always looking at ways to generate more likes, more clicks, more engagement, more users and more minutes on their site. Your Facebook strategy (if you have one) must evolve and change along with the platform.
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  • Reply shannon February 21, 2013 at 10:22 am

    i’m going to test this with sermon vids…will let you know the outcome 🙂

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