C4 Worship – Hallelujah EP

September 4, 2017 | Get free updates of new posts here

Over the last few years at C4 Church we’ve been writing songs, singing some of those songs and celebrating what God is doing in our church through these songs. It’s been an incredible privilege to lead these songwriters and this movement of worship across our church and I’m so excited that we’ll be releasing our first album of original worship songs on September 10.

Buy your copy of C4 Worship Hallelujah EP on itunes now: https://itunes.apple.com/album/hallelujah-ep/id1273088668?app=itunes

The four songs, written and recorded by our team capture some of the beautiful work that God is doing at our church. Our hope and desire is that these songs give Jesus glory and inspire thousands and thousands of your own hallelujahs as you listen to them.

We’re going to be making physical copies available beginning September 10 but you can order the EP now direct from iTunes and receive it as soon as it is available for purchase:


The journey of writing these songs, recording them and now being able to share them with our church family and with you has been incredible. I’m so grateful for the people who have invested their time, their passion, their energy by helping to put to words some of the incredible work that God is doing at C4.

We’ve had the opportunity to get away together and invest in the craft of writing songs, invest in our relationships with each other, invest in the ministry that Jesus is doing in our church. Above all we’ve had the opportunity to invest in our own discipleship as we focus on who God has created us to be, how He’s wired us and how He’s helped us learn more about Him as we’ve written these songs together.

This summer we spent five days holed up in the basement of our pastor’s house (no joke!) and worked with the incredible David Leonard, Seth Talley and Brad King from Creak Music to take these songs from idea and inspiration to beautiful artistic expressions of what God is doing among us. We were really honoured to work with these guys and we learned so much from them.

So grateful for our team. Also grateful they are much better at writing and playing music than they are at arranging themselves for photos.

David Leonard making the magic happen.

Studio time is partly about performing the songs but so much happens in the preparation, in the praying even before we step out to play a note.

The man, the myth, the Lensink.

So many keyboards. So much vibe.

Such an honour to work with David, Seth and Brad on this album. Our team learned so much from them.

My personal favourite moment from our week of recording. Having 30+ of our worship team crammed into the basement, singing their guts out on gang vocals for each of these songs is something I’ll remember for a long time. So grateful for these people.

What a gift. We are seeing prayers answered and dreams coming true right before our eyes. As these songs move from inspiration to idea and now to become inspiration for you in your own worship of Jesus, our prayer continues to be that every hallelujah would be for Him and that these songs would inspire thousands and thousands of hallelujahs all over the earth.

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