Back in 2014 I did a huge post where I gathered up all of my favourite best apps for worship leaders on iPhone and iPad and shared them to help worship leaders do their job better. I even put it all together as a free downloadable ebook which people have definitely used!

It’s hard to imagine what we’re able to do with these small devices in the palm of our hand but at the same time there are so many apps out there how do you even begin to find the best ones??

best apps for worship leaders

A couple years later the app landscape has changed – more apps, more powerful devices, more ways for technology to help us do our jobs better so I thought I’d go back and update the whole list. I’ve compiled my new Best Apps for Worship Leaders: 2016 Edition with updates, additions and some removals of apps that either aren’t available or have been surpassed by other, better apps.

Once again I’m making this available totally free a downloadable ebook. It’s available below through the signup box and will arrive right away in your inbox: