3 Reasons To Write Worship Songs With People Outside Your Church

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[This post is part of my Write Worship Songs blog series.]

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The previous post in this series focused on helping you to write worship songs focused on co-writing with people from your own church. What about co-writing with people outside your church when it comes to writing worship songs? I’ll give the same caution I gave yesterday – choose wisely when it comes to co-writing relationships but don’t be afraid of pursuing this. If you have a dream to write worship songs for your own church, here are three reasons to write with people from outside your church –

  1. Fresh perspective
    Whatever is happening in your own church it’s good to remember that God is alive and at work in every other church around the world. Getting together with a friend and beginning to write worship songs together gives you a chance to hear about what’s happening in their own church, giving you a new perspective on what God is like and what the church is called to.

    They will also help give you a fresh perspective on what’s happening at your own church. As you talk about things happening in your own congregation and why writing worship songs for your church is part of your journey, they’ll be able to encourage you along in the process. Fresh perspective can be very helpful!

  2. Expand your network
    Let’s assume that the co-writing session goes well and you actually manage to put together some different ideas which are eventually turned into a worship song that your church is able to sing. This is a win! You’ll both feel great about the experience and begin to build a new level of trust – you will be more willing to recommend them as a songwriter to other people looking to co-write and they will do the same. You’ll be introduced to people in your co-writer’s network who you didn’t know before.

    Even if the process doesn’t go well and you struggle through a songwriting session with no tangible ideas when you come out the other side, good songwriters will recognize times when it was just a bad fit and they may know some other writers you should reach out to. I can think of times when I’ve gone to a co-writing session and although we didn’t manage to put a song together we each knew songwriters the other should get to know and have a chance to write with. That’s a win!

  3. Shared ownership
    I’m not talking about copyright (although that should definitely come up and we’ll talk about that later in this series) but a co-written song immediately has twice as many champions than a song written by a single writer. If you are both worship leaders at local churches, that means there are now two churches where the song can be tried out. It’s not my song anymore, it’s our song – and when it comes to writing worship songs, that’s a big distinction.

    Writing worship songs with people from outside your church gives you increased ownership of the song and its success when it is released as a finished product.

Three reasons you should write worship songs with people from outside your church: fresh perspective, to expand your network and shared ownership. Next up: where do you start – lyrics or melody?

[This post is part of my Write Worship Songs blog series.]

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  • Reply michaelschutz April 18, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Just want to echo this – the WorshipRises event at Create 2011 was absolutely fantastic. I learned a ton about my strengths and weaknesses related to writing – those things come through writing with people you may not even know, and yet whose strengths and weaknesses are very different from yours. For those who haven’t had this kind of experience, I highly recommend it!

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