3 People To Talk With Before You Write Worship Songs

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[This post is part of my Write Worship Songs blog series.]

Write Worship Songs

When you begin to write worship songs for your church you should have conversations with THREE people. Having these conversations will give you some incredible perspective, it will go a long way to show that you are serious about doing this and it will also hopefully give you some encouragement as you begin the process.

  1. Your Pastor
    Speaking with your pastor about your desire to write worship songs for your church as soon as possible is a great move. This allows your pastor to encourage you, to pray for you, to cheer you on. It also gives him the opportunity to talk with you about some future sermon series he may be working on – perhaps there’s a certain series that needs a song which just isn’t written yet.The pastor/worship leader relationship is not always perfect but if you can go to your pastor with more than an “I wanna” when it comes to your desire to write worship songs, chances are he will be excited and will want to see you pursue this.

    Make sure your pastor knows that you are coming at this from a place of serving your congregation and not your own career – if there’s the sense that you only want to use your position as a platform for your original songs, that’s going to put a bad taste in your pastor’s mouth from the very beginning. Allow your pastor to speak in to the direction of new songs and maintain communication as songs are being written. He will appreciate the opportunity to look at lyrics, give some early feedback and encourage you along the way.

  2. Key Member Of Your Worship Team
    Getting buy-in from another worship leader or solid musician on your worship team is great and will help as songs get finished and begin to be introduced to your congregation. Having a conversation with someone from your team early in the process to get them excited about the idea of writing original worship songs will give you someone to cheer you on and help develop music ideas as you write worship songs.

    Involving other musicians and songwriters from your church is a great idea and we’ll be talking about that later but at this point I’m not necessarily talking about someone who is a songwriter. They should be someone who is respected by other musicians in your worship ministry and can help encourage the implementation of these new worship songs.

  3. Key Leader In Your Congregation
    This isn’t about making the right people happy but you should have a conversation with a key leader from your church and explain to them that you sense this new desire to write worship songs and that you really feel there is an opportunity for your church to be involved in helping to write these songs. I promise that as you pursue this songwriting adventure there will be times of questioning and discouragement – to have someone on your side who is one step removed from the songwriting process but who also understands the blessing that these songs are to the congregation will be huge.

    Keep this person updated. Don’t come at it from a place of self-promotion or blowing your own horn but if you do get to the place where you are teaching new original songs to your congregation, send this person an email before the Sunday comes to let them know. Maybe you’ve got a rough demo of the song you can send them so at least one person in the congregation is familiar with it before you sing the song.

Three people you should talk with before you begin to write worship songs: your pastor, key member of your worship team and a key leader in your congregation. Next up: the most important conversation before you write worship songs.

[This post is part of my Write Worship Songs blog series.]

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