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Inside Out Worship Conference – Barrie, January 30

December 11, 2009 | Get free updates of new posts here

Some of you Ontario worship folks may be interested in this. I’ll be speaking at the Inside Out Worship Conference on Saturday, January 30 at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Barrie, ON. The conference is sponsored by Heritage College (they’ll also be running a similar event in London on February 6) and the list of speakers and topics looks pretty solid –

  • Vocal, Drum and Guitar Techniques
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Service Planning
  • Tips for Worship Leaders
  • Creating Flow
  • Finding and Introducing New Music
  • Giving Music Expression

A few of the speakers who will be there –

I’ll be teaching the “tips for worship leaders” seminar during both of the morning sessions, so if one time slot doesn’t work for you, hopefully the second one does. Looking forward to a great day with some great leaders and hoping to get inspired on a bunch of different levels!

If you’re interested, you can register by calling 1-800-465-1961. Registration is $40 until January 15 and $50 after that. Group rate of $35 is available for groups of 5 or more from the same church. More information available here.

Audrey Assad – Winter Snow

December 10, 2009 | Get free updates of new posts here

Lots of you have heard this song already because it’s on Chris Tomlin’s new Christmas CD (and if you haven’t got that yet, you are missing out!) but I wanted to share this with you. We did this song last Sunday at OBC and everyone loved it.

This is “Winter Snow” by Audrey Assad (web|twitter)- enjoy!

REPOST: Christmas Eve service ideas

December 9, 2009 | Get free updates of new posts here

I know lots of you are looking for Christmas Eve service ideas right now. I know because the Google search stats for this post are going through the roof 🙂 I thought I’d make it easy for lots of you and repost this, basically a detailed recap of our Christmas Eve service with links to some resource. Hopefully it’s helpful for you!

The original post –

Normally I do my best to give you some thoughts related to Sunday morning and a bit of a confessional of how things went. This week I want to do something a little different. I know that there are lots of you who are looking for very specific ideas at certain times of year – Christmas Eve, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, etc – so I thought that I would give you a breakdown of our Christmas Eve service with some explanation of every single element.

If you are looking for Christmas Eve service ideas, hopefully this is helpful for you!

We did two Christmas Eve services this year – both of them were identical in content, lasted about 60 minutes and were family-friendly. We tell people that kids are welcome to come but we have no childcare. Because we know that kids will be in our auditorium, we program the service a little bit different from Sunday morning – the whole service moves unannounced, there is more sitting/standing than normal, we don’t have any silent prayer, etc etc.

Having said all of that, here is what we DID do for Christmas Eve this year –

Our theme for the service was “A King Is Born” taken from the verses in Matthew where the Magi come to Herod in search of the one who has been born “King of the Jews.” We bought pre-produced banners and invite cards from which helped with our set design and in our word-of-mouth advertising. They were a great company to work with and the finished product which came from them was awesome. We bought two of the “A King Is Born” banners and one each of the “Follow the Star” and “Journey Afar” banners. We hung the banners along the back of the stage and used the customized invite cards at all of our December services and events, encouraging people to take them and invite friends and neighbours to come out.

We normally don’t go big on set design and staging at OBC, mostly because we are a multi-use facility and our Sunday morning worship happens in a gym. But for Christmas Eve we normally put up some decor, flowers, candles, etc etc. In terms of staging our band, we had two different setups. For the opening Christmas songs we had three singers out front and a band with piano, keys, bass and drums. For the middle section, I moved off piano and played guitar and we also brought two readers on stage for the scripture passages.

Here’s what our service outline looked like –

Welcome & Intro
Advent Reading – Luke 1:26-33
Lighting of Christ Candle
O Come All Ye Faithful
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Angels We Have Heard On High
What Child Is This
Reading 1 – Matthew 1:18-25
Come Worship The King with video
Reading 2 – Luke 2:8-14
Video – God Is With Us
Joy To The World

Message – Our King Has Arrived”
Silent Night

I’d love to give some more detail on each of these elements. If you are looking for a complete pre-packaged service to use on Christmas Eve, feel free to use this as a template. We found that the balance of songs, video and reading worked great for us this year and the response we have received has been very positive.

Welcome & Intro
Usually it is a good idea to set up the content and theme of a service like this so that people are on track right from the beginning. We had one of our staff members welcome people (we get lots of visitors on Christmas Eve), remind them to turn off cell phones and then read the passage from Luke where the angel Gabriel comes to Mary and explains that the baby she will carry is from God – that he will be great, the Son of the Most High and that His kingdom will never end. Right from the beginning of the night we wanted to hit on our theme – “A King Is Born”. We then lit the centre candle, representing that Christ has come and is in our midst.

O Come All Ye Faithful
We did this song in G and did all three verses. The arrangement was pretty traditional and we used a lead sheet that I got from CCLI SongSelect. A great opener to a Christmas Eve service and very familiar to people whether they are regular church-going folk or not.

Hark The Herald Angels Sing
We dropped down to the key of E for the next three songs. The traditional arrangement of this song is pretty technical, lots of accidentals and relative chords but we decided to go with a simpler version musically and used an arrangement from our friends at PraiseCharts. I’ve been using lead sheets and click tracks from these guys for about a year and they always do good stuff. The big change we made from this arrangement is that we didn’t do the bridge. But it was really nice to have the simplified chords where the melody really came to the foreground.

Angels We Have Heard On High
We used another arrangement from PraiseCharts on this song which is based on the Third Day version of the song. I really liked the simplified verses and how the melody of the “Gloria” carried really nicely in this one. It was a simple arrangement that was easy on the band – especially the bass player! – compared to the traditional version.

What Child Is This
Up to this point in the service we had people standing so we got them to sit for this song. Such a great melody and incredible words. One of our vocalists, Rebecca, was featured on the first and third verses and did a great job. No tricky stuff on the arrangement for this one – we did it as traditional as you can and just let the melody and words ring out. Beautiful.

Reading 1 – Matthew 1:18-25
Here is where the service took a bit of a transition. We had been completely participatory up to this point but we shifted to a bit more of a presentation here. We had two readers come and tell part of the Christmas story, beginning with the passage in Matthew. We made sure that we chose people who were confident and could speak well and we had them come early to check their mics and read through the passages for us.

Come Worship The King with video
Okay – this one is going to take some explaining. There is a great CD that came out this year called “Glory Revealed” – if you don’t have it, buy it. It is good stuff. One of the songs on the CD, done by Michael W. Smith and Shane & Shane, is this song “Come Worship The King” taken from Jude 25 – “to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.” The song is beautiful and, again, fit perfectly with our theme. We did this as a performance song but I wanted to have a visual element included in the song so that people were not just listening but watching as well. I did some hunting online and found this great video called “He Is Here” – it was perfect! We muted the audio from the video and played “Come Worship The King” live – it is amazing how some of the scenes in the video match up with the lyrics of the songs. It was a perfect element of our service.

Reading 2 – Luke 2:8-14
As soon as the song/video was finished we went straight back to the scripture readers and they did their second reading.

This song by Hillsong was, again, perfectly in line with our theme of “A King Is Born” and was pulled off beautifully by two sisters from our church who were home for Christmas. They did a beautiful job on this simple song and conveyed the power of the lyrics incredibly.

Video – God Is With Us
This was the only video-only element of our service and was used as a buffer out of the “presentation” portion of our service and back to the “participatory” elements. Again, I found this one at WorshipHouseMedia and it did a great job of reinforcing the idea that our king has come, that God is with us.

Joy To The World
If you watch the video, you might be wondering how we transitioned from that element to Joy To The World. We had Rebecca, one of our vocalists, do a quick transition asking people to stand and reminding them that because God is, indeed, with us, we can sing with joy. We did this song in C and used an arrangement from the PraiseCharts peeps based on the Casting Crowns version from their recent Christmas album. The arrangement was simple enough to learn quickly but had some nice musical moments that made the song work really well.

Message – “Our King Has Arrived”
Our pastor does not speak long on Christmas Eve but he makes every moment count. I appreciate what he has to say every year to help people really appreciate the momentous occasion of Christ, the Son of God, coming to earth to dwell among His people. It is a significant event which must be celebrated well!

Silent Night
This is the hilight of our Christmas Eve service every year and has become a great tradition. We always close with this song by candlelight. Our pastor will finish his message, light a candle off the Christ candle we lit at the beginning of the night and then the flame of the candle is passed to the congregation. We place candles on every chair so within a few minutes our entire auditorium is completely dark but lit up by hundreds of candles held up around the room. It is an amazing sight and those of us on stage get the best view of it all! :) We normally do Silent Night in Bb and use a very simplified, traditional arrangement. At the end of the song we go back to verse 1 and do it completely a cappella. Hearing peoples’ voices fill the room with the sight of the candles and the emotion of the moment is a pretty incredible thing.

So there you go. That is all there is to know about our Christmas Eve services. I could give a bunch more info on stage layout, lighting cues, transitions, etc and if that stuff would be helpful for you please just ask. Every situation is unique and you’ll have to figure out the best way to pull this off if you’re going to use this material but I’d be more than happy to fill you in on how we did some of that stuff.

The response that we’ve had since Christmas Eve has been pretty powerful – lots of people making comments about the impact of the service, how the whole experience really worked together and how God used the music and the readings and the message in great ways. Also some stories of people who were visiting and taken back by the content and how it was presented. We are praying for relationships to continue and for God to continue to use what we are doing for His glory. What an awesome privilege!

10 Free Christmas Worship songs

November 17, 2009 | Get free updates of new posts here

The fine people over at have put together a tasty little Christmas treat for all you worship leaders who are starting to freak out that Christmas Eve is only a few sleeps away! They’ve put FREE sheet music online for 10 songs that you can use this year for your Christmas series or Christmas Eve. Check it out here –

The songs they’ve featured –

  • Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground) – Chris Tomlin
  • All Creation Sing (Joy to the World) – Fee
  • Sing – Josh Wilson
  • Born in Bethlehem – Third Day
  • Here Is Our King – David Crowder Band
  • Glory in the Highest – Chris Tomlin
  • Silent Night (Emmanuel) – Matt Maher
  • Joy Has Dawned – Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
  • Love Came Down – Ben Cantelon
  • Born That We May Have Life – Chris Tomlin

There is some goooood stuff here! Thanks Worship Together folks!

Video – Listening Skills

November 12, 2009 | Get free updates of new posts here

One of the big steps in maturity for a musician is learning how to listen. Listening skills are just as important as playing ability and this video talks about how it applies to worship teams. Lots more good stuff like this over at

Remembrance Day

November 11, 2009 | Get free updates of new posts here

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
— Lt.-Col. John McCrae (1872 – 1918)

GarageBand – How to change a loop tempo

November 10, 2009 | Get free updates of new posts here

Okay so I’ve recently made the jump to the Apple Army and I’ve been pretty happy with it. Whether you are a Mac user or not, you know that one of the big benefits of Apple products is how intuitive the software/hardware combo is and the ease of use of interface. For the most part, I’d say this is definitely true and I’ve made the switch from Windows XP to OSX pretty easily.

This weekend, however, I found myself in a pretty frustrating situation with GarageBand ’09 and couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a solution for what I was wanting to do.

First – some setup:

At my church, we use click/loop tracks almost every week. I’ve talked about this before and they are a pretty standard part of our worship team toolbelt. In the past, I’ve pulled a stereo wav track in to Audacity, split the stereo file and run the audio channels to either front of house or in-ear monitors. If we need to make tempo changes on the fly, Audacity can handle that through one of their little drop-down menus.

This past week, I decided to try using GarageBand to take a pre-recorded click/loop track of “Sing to the King” and add some organ and pad parts. Here’s a shot of the GarageBand project –

Two things to notice. First, the click and loop tracks at the top of the window is orange. Second, see in the bottom left-hand corner where it says “Follow Tempo & Pitch”? That’s greyed out – no option to check that box.

Okay – so we play the click during rehearsal and soundcheck and after our first service decide that the tempo is just a touch slow. The loop is programmed at 118 and we want to run it at 120. Unfortunately, changing the master tempo of the GarageBand project from 118 to 120 only changes the timing of the programmed organ track and does NOT change anything with the click and loop tracks.

After a quick look through the menus and searching through the help files, it looks like I’m out of luck. I jump over to my Windows laptop, fire up Audacity, adjust the tempo from 118 to 120, export as a wav, upload to Dropbox and then wait. Too bad for me – not enough time between services to get the new click/loop track re-inserted to GarageBand at the new tempo.

So yesterday I’m thinking to myself that there must be a way to do this with GarageBand. I begin hunting around on Google and eventually find out that switching the tempo of a pre-programmed loop track is definitely possible but.. get this.. it is not documented in the help files and not available anywhere in the menus. How stupid is that? Apple – you should be ashamed!

Alright, so what is the solution? It goes like this. Remember our orange click and loop tracks? Hilight those tracks and press Control-Alt-G. Click somewhere in the track window and those tracks should now change from orange to purple, like this –

And what’s this? Remember our “Follow Tempo & Pitch” option that was greyed out? Tada!! It’s alive! Click that checkbox and now your click and loop tracks will be slaves to your master tempo for your GarageBand project.

Release Day Giveaway – Paul Baloche – “Glorious”

November 2, 2009 | Get free updates of new posts here

Paul Baloche has been writing worship anthems for the church for years and his new CD “Glorious” releases tomorrow, November 3. Our friends at Integrity Music have put together a pretty cool giveaway for FIVE people out in blogworld. This Release Day Giveaway is a little different – there are five blogs all running the same giveaway and each site will have a winner who will receive a copy of the new CD as well as the worship leader digital songbook.

I’ve had this CD for a couple of weeks and I’m really enjoying it. This is classic Paul Baloche – singable melodies, lyrics rich with theology and all of it presented in a way that is accessible and memorable. If you’re a fan of Paul Baloche’s song, you will love this CD.

Here’s a video of Paul Baloche and his band playing the title track from this CD, “Glorious” –

How do you enter? Each blog owner can make up their own rules but here’s what we’ll do here –

1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me why you’re excited about winning this CD. Lots of comments are great but it will still only get you one entry in the contest 🙂

2. Post about the CD and the giveaway either on your own blog or twitter – make sure you include a link back to this blog when you are posting! Post a link to your post as a second comment and you’ll get entered TWICE in the contest.

3. Go ahead and enter on all five blogs if you like but you can only win once. I’ll choose the winner here tomorrow evening.

Here are links to the other blogs that are part of this giveaway –

UPDATE: I used to help pick the winner and the lucky person is Adam Clarke! Congratulations Adam! I’ll get your info to Integrity and they will send your CD out very soon.

Paul Baloche – Today Is The Day

October 21, 2009 | Get free updates of new posts here

The new Paul Baloche (web|twitter) CD “Glorious” is coming November 3rd. I’ve had the chance to listen through a couple of times and I am pretty impressed. Stay tuned for details on a release day giveaway that’s coming for your chance to win a copy of the CD as well as the worship leader digital songbook from our friends at Integrity.

Here’s a video from the album. “Today Is The Day” is best-known as being performed by Lincoln Brewster (web|twitter)and Paul has his turn with the song that he co-wrote on this record. Check out the video –