10 Questions Pastors Didn’t Have To Ask 10 Years Ago

March 24, 2017 | Get free updates of new posts here

No value judgements, no statement on whether these are good or wise or helpful questions. So much has changed over the past 10 years that what was present only in the biggest, most forward thinking churches is now possible in almost any church in most of the world.

As we lead in a new world and raise up new leaders who will lead in new ways we haven’t even dreamed of, we all have new questions we have to ask. The beauty of change is that we’re forced to wrestle with what we do and how we do it and sometimes asking new questions reveals better and more effective ways to reach more people with the gospel.

So, pastors, what questions are you asking now that you didn’t have to ask 10 years ago?

Here are some that I hear pastors asking today:

  1. Should we have one Facebook page for our whole church or one for each ministry?
  2. How do we deliver teaching by video to each of our campuses?
  3. Are we okay with our musicians reading sheet music off their iPad when they play with the worship team?
  4. How can we use YouVersion to help people in our church read the Bible more often?
  5. Should our church build an app?
  6. How can Google Adwords helps us serve more people in our community who are not part of our church?
  7. Should the music director or the drummer run click and cues for the worship team?
  8. Is automated giving better done through direct deposit, text-to-give or by an app?
  9. How do we disciple people through Facebook Live and our online campus?
  10. Should we be present and active on all social media channels or focus on the ones that get us results?



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